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How to Work Hard and Not Burn Out

How to Work Hard and Not to Burn Out You want to be great. The vast majority of ordinary business people, however, live with never-ending ordinary complaints about how hard they work but how little they gain. What they have in common is this: they get their hands on... read more

Check Back in to Your Life

Check Back in to Your Life If you truly want to increase your level of freedom and have a greater impact with your life, start living the very day before you. The addiction of thinking of the days gone, either blaming past events for your current result in life or... read more

Knowledge has NEVER been Power

Knowledge has NEVER been the Power Certain phrases have entered our culture, including our business and life, and unfortunately stayed there. They are used without questioning how true or valid the phrase is today.  Like the notion “Knowledge is power.”Really?Today we... read more

Strategies and inspiration for optimal decision making and rapid result creation.