Check Back in to Your Life

If you truly want to increase your level of freedom and have a greater impact with your life, start living the very day before you.

The addiction of thinking of the days gone, either blaming past events for your current result in life or wishing for the return of the good times, checks you out from your life.

Fear of tomorrow, either thinking it will be worse than today or it will be the same as today, checks you out of your life, too.

Continuously dreaming of a tomorrow that would be better for you in a certain way becomes the very obstacle to you not realizing your dream, because you are spending so much time being detached from reality.

It’s only here and now when you can access YOUR opportunity — both internally and externally — face it, feel it, and create from it.

You and I live in an incredibly rich environment. The challenge that stops most of us from using the available resources and opportunities in creation of a greater life for ourselves and others are beliefs that remain unquestioned. Beliefs are thoughts that your mind generates in certain situations. Beliefs dictate how you feel about things that happen around you and to you. These feelings steer your actions that you choose to do or choose not to do. An action always proceeds a result.

Take an honest look at your current results, or the absence of them, in your business and life. The quality and quantity of your results reveal how connected and conscious you have been with different areas of your life. Weak and random results that cause frustration, guilt, shame, or regret are mental and emotional signals for you to change something you are doing and producing your current outcomes.

Tune yourself to the current moment and define which results in your business and life are those you don’t want anymore. And what exactly are the outcomes you want next?

The work creating clarity in your desired outcomes is difficult. Yet, clarity is the key for defining your direction and being able to deliberately and strategically do the work required for realizing the desired outcomes.

Many people escape this hard work of life to irrelevant busyness, zero their brain with entertainment, or find forged relief in an addiction to work, alcohol, cheating, eating, or any other compulsive behaviour and end up with a half-lived, half-felt, and half-satisfactory life.

If you truly want to have an easier life with more freedom, you must be willing to do what feels hard now. Your other option is to continue doing what you have been doing and what is easy for you and see how your life gets harder.

If you want help in creating clarity in your desired outcomes and support in creating a New Normal for yourself, contact me here.

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