Knowledge has NEVER been the Power

Certain phrases have entered our culture, including our business and life, and unfortunately stayed there. They are used without questioning how true or valid the phrase is today.  Like the notion “Knowledge is power.”


Today we live the most amazing times with access to more knowledge than ever in the human history. 

We are indulged by all kind of skill developing knowledge one could imagine, in various media, in every form. We have easy access to fast knowledge distribution systems we can tap into and consume knowledge of our choice. Each of us stores more knowledge in our own personal space than that was imaginable just couple of decades ago. And those, who produce more knowledge, the variety of tools available for creation, storage and distribution of new knowledge is not only abundant, but the tools are also efficient, easy to use and access.

In this world of exponential information growth the amount of knowledge is estimated to double every 12 months.

If knowledge was power, there was no one feeling themselves disempowered, clueless or helpless.

If knowledge was power, we were cruising through our lives like living legends, leaving behind legacies that would demonstrate our personal greatness and were admired and thanked by the generations to come.

Knowledge has never given any individual “The Power”.

Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power

“Potential” has as much impact as running shoes that stay in your shoe cabinet. Or the healthy food that is not eaten. Or words of appreciation, respect and love that were never expressed. Or the time that was spent doing something else than that you said is important to you.

It’s always been, and always will be, the IMPLEMENTATION of knowledge that empowers any human being. That was true even during the times when only few people had access to knowledge, before the time the Internet and access to it became commodity, and before the printing houses emerged. Already then, it was not the knowledge that gave power. It was the access to knowledge that gave those few individuals power due to their position in the society, as the possessors of something rare and wanted always do.

Why So Many Knowledgeable People Achieve So Little?

The belief that “knowledge is power” makes you blind for the fact that knowledge only gives you access to power. Believing that “knowledge is power” makes you stop and build your camp right outside the gates that indeed are your entry to new level of personal power.

Seeking empowerment in knowledge alone creates a mental wasteland inside your own head. Taking action in such a disoriented internal environment keeps you busy beyond exhaustion, while the real, relevant results keep eluding you.

Position Yourself for Power with Implementation of Knowledge

Earlier mere access to knowledge gave an individual power. In today’s environment, which oozes knowledge, the individuals who are able to implement knowledge and yield real results are the rarity, the nobles of the Information Age.

The empowerment comes from ability to implement knowledge, to convert the information stored in your mind to real results that can be measured in your external world.

What is power is strategic and deliberate implementation of carefully chosen knowledge that makes you attain the planned, desired outcomes.

It is your right and your responsibility to choose and decide where in your life you want to position yourself for more power. Where in your life you can deliberately implement what you already know?

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