Client Experiences 

Business: Private Psychotherapy Practitioner 

Liisa: “Virpi’s coaching has clarified my thoughts tremendously. The work is finding its place as a productive and meaningful part of life, and I have gained many useful tools that will help me work efficiently and economically.

The best thing was to find a new kind of confidence in my own abilities and possibilities. Now I know how to take my time, rely on clarity and ‘produce fruit’.

My thanks is owed to Virpi’s coherent and bright thinking that will grip those who work with her.”

Business: Marketing Consultant

Teemu: “This year was just awesome! Thanks to Virpi I managed to sharpen my own areas of expertise, lift the gross margin significantly, and found a new way to acquire new customers, I learned to close far more efficiently and, above all, to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for my own future by doing the right things in the right order.

My business earnings have increased fivefold over the previous year. At the same time my customer base has greatly improved and I only work with companies that I can serve with my core competencies.

Thanks to newfound clarity, I have more to do than sit at the computer doing work. I’ve started to exercise regularly and all by myself.

The best thing is that I can leave in the middle of the work day and play sorts for a few hours and return to work even more effective. My work day is an hour or two shorter now, so I can spend more time with my wife and three small children.

We also started the construction of our house, which at my earlier income level was unthinkable, especially as a turnkey solution.”

Business: Chiropractic Health & Wellness

Inge: “When I started to work with Virpi, I was looking for something that would help me move forward from the stagnation I was experiencing in my professional and personal life. My business was already successful, but I did not know how exactly grow it and which direction to go.

I was thrilled when implementing her systems and advice added 50% in monthly sales revenue with little additional work for me.  At the same time I had shortened my work day by several hours, and stopped working on weekends. Even more I appreciate the remarkable shift with my own level of energy… I feel like a “spring chicken”!

Life has more excitement, and in addition to a striving chiropractic clinic, I also strive again as a person!”

Business: Travel and Education

Tolkun: “When I first met Virpi, I felt that she was the person who could coach me, because I liked her straight forwardness a lot. I don’t like sugar coating and fake compliments. I had that a lot and it had not taken me anywhere.

Getting coached by Virpi was one of the best investments I and my husband did into ourselves. Her coaching was a great foundation and now we can build our life activities on it with confidence. Honestly it was a chaos, I didn’t even know where to start and where to end, when and how. I was living quiet an unorganised life every day as a result I was getting depressed because I am a person who hates wasting time or life…

Thank you so much for helping out and pulling me out of the chaos. Now I feel very motivated and confident and know how I am going to do things. Life got much more interesting :)”

Business: Software Development

Simon: “Working with Virpi is a treat.  Using a unique blend of very clear systems and a positive attitude and regular coaching I was able to complete change the way I approach live.

The biggest shift following from working with her is stepping back from all day-to-day activities in the business I co-founded in 1997 and had built and worked for ever since, with an attitude of a total workaholic. I’ll still be a large investor in the business, while I move onto other initiatives that are meaningful to me. Feeling great about it.

Thanks. And thanks again.”

Business: Network Marketing

Angela: “I had been in network marketing business part time for a year but didn’t have the confidence or skills to push it to the next level. When I took Virpi’s coaching, the sessions became the highlight of my week as I was transforming my business and my personal development.

From a business perspective my business TRIPLED but I also laid a very solid foundation based on the principles and skills Virpi taught me.

From a personal development perspective, I pushed myself right out of my comfort zone and began to do things that I had never thought I would be able to do: one-take videos, Facebook marketing, presentations, training courses and teaching my teams in different countries.

Today I am recognized as a leader in my organisation and people are now coming to me to learn! I am teaching my team members and helping them transform too. I can’t express how thankful I am for the massive personal and business growth that was initiated with Virpi’s coaching.”

Business: Independent Skincare Product Distributor

Maaria: “Thank you Virpi for the past year! It has definitely been the best one so far of my entrepreneurial years.

For me, the training has helped me balance my life and it brought a more physical element into my life once again. Exercise and physically challenging myself has brought energy and enthusiasm into my everyday life, changed my old ways of thinking and got new ideas. I had more time for family and friends. By taking care of myself both mentally and physically, my business began to feel better and healthier.

As I wrote down my goals and did small things daily, something was happening all the time. It is as if I’ve achieved my goals by accident. My team has grown and become more active.

I take time for myself outside of work on a daily basis; I spend time with the children, go to the theater, jog in the forest, and meet with friends. My evenings became more relaxed, and daily life had its subtle nuances.

I have learned to clarify both what I do and offer, and my goals and objectives. I developed an effective work routine and my time management became more sensible. I’m not working 24/7. I learned to trust in myself and my abilities. My faith in my professionalism grew, and continues to grow.”

Business: Health and Wellness Lifestyle

Tuula: “I chose Virpi’s coaching, when I was in a situation where I clearly needed a new and fresh independent perspective on my business growth.

I’ve liked Virpi’s direct and uncomplicated way of training. She has taken me to the core of the matters, so the weak points can be identified and addressed. I believe that her location in Singapore provides a suitable distance from the Finnish corporate mentality.

Virpi’s way of work has given me a completely new and fresh perspective. I highly recommend her coaching, if you are willing to receive direct and fair feedback and guidance.”

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