When a New Client Feels Like a Breeze of Financial Oxygen

When a New Client Feels Like a Breeze of Financial Oxygen

It is alarming how often entrepreneurs interpret a stroke of luck as a sign of business getting better. A new client after a month (or few) feels like surfacing on the last moment and inhaling just before your lungs burst in a lack of oxygen.

Money is financial oxygen. A puff every now and then might keep you alive and gives you hope. But hope is a bad strategy when you continue drifting away from safety and stability, heading toward bigger problems.

Entrepreneurs are born as problem solvers. Some of them might appear stubborn, holding strong on their belief that they “should” be able to solve all their own problems, too.

If it’s pride that makes you hold on that belief, I can forecast life events that will teach you humility. If it’s shame that keeps you from seeking help for yourself, let me tell you this: practicing suffering does not make you master joy.

We are all resourceful. The biggest source of resourceful is your choices. There are always options you can choose from. Even making a choice not to choose is a choice you make.

Tolerating certain things in your life and business is not a sign of strength or persistence – it’s simply your choice.

You can always diverge from the direction you are taking now. You can always turn around if what you chose earlier is not giving you wanted outcomes