Why Ambitious People Underperform and How to Fix It


Do you ever feel crazy busy and so overwhelmed, like there is a ton going on whether it’s information overload, ton of projects, or you just got technology coming out of every pore? Many of us feel like we are ADD in this world, we can’t get anything done.

Our environment is an onslaught of distractions. Everything is specifically designed to make you follow, not lead; be driven instead of driving; react instead of acting; to do more instead of doing less – and getting less and less done?

How do you stay focused in a world like that?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I work myself into a desperation mentality, my field of vision narrows and I can’t see anything but problems.

If you resonate with that struggle, you are going to love today’s article. In fact, you are going to learn why smart and ambitious people get tangled in unproductive busyness, and how to fix it.

I’ll share more about the solution with you in a moment, but first, I have to tell you about the real problem we are facing.

The Hidden Roadblock


It is the hidden roadblock behind why it’s so hard to stay focused on the work that matters the most, create working habits that enable you to enjoy all areas of life, instead of neglecting relationships, fitness, and sufficient rest.

And struggling for staying focused on the most important tasks and producing relevant results is not your fault.

The Real Problem


The real problem is the fact that you have been conditioned to believe something that have you wasting time with endless busyness that does not seem to take you much further. That drains your time and energy, and your bank account, and just plain don’t work.

If you are a like most of us, your inbox is junked full everyday with stuff to read, watch, and act on. Eventually all it does is stress you out, and makes you feel hopeless because you can’t possibly do it all.

Whatever you do, stop telling yourself, “If I can just work a little harder, hustle more, and stuff just a few more tasks into my schedule, I will finally get over the hump and things will start getting better!”

The truth is that is the belief that got you in the squirrel cage in the first place!

Countless other professional like you have fallen victim to this conditioning. But now, lay it aside. If you don’t, you’ll waste even more of your life working hard for very little, hoping your business-related stress somehow subsides. We all need hope but it is a really bad long-term strategy.

How to Fix Underperformance

It’s a fact that whenever you resolve to do more, you virtually guarantee yourself that your extra effort is going to make your stress even worse.

And eventually, no matter how strong you are, you are going to burn out, your relationships will be damaged beyond repair, you might lose your health for one of the stress-related chronic illnesses, and you’ll give up on believing that there is something better for you.

That is not what I want for you. And I know it’s not what you desire for yourself. When you have a system for focusing on creating real, relevant results, your life will improve quickly, and it’s beautiful to see.

Once you understand how to do this, you will know exactly what to focus on, so that you can complete your most value-adding and important work without high-pressure, while doing it feels fun and fulfilling.

What you are going to discover is more powerful than any technique, because it’s not a technique but a principle. This principle is ‘clarity’.

The Principle of Clarity


During the years of working with various successful clients, it’s always been lack of clarity that has been stopping them from bringing themselves forward.

It’s common to attempt gain more clarity with the question “What do I want?”

Have you done that? How has it worked for you?

Better and faster results are gained by starting with a question: “What do I NOT want anymore?”

Why is this question so much more powerful in gaining clarity?

The fact is that only a very small minority of people are able to stay focused and getting the required work done. I used to suffer from lack of focus and severe self-sabotage, too.

The first step is to learn how to see it and how it hurts your business and personal life.

When you ask yourself what exactly is it that you do NOT want in your business and life anymore, you start to understand what to eliminate. You can work less and get all the work that matters done. As a result, your work starts to flow naturally with higher performance.

The Really Big, Massive, Crucial Tip

This is something that helps you to fix your underperformance even more powerfully… Often an unwanted result is seen as a problem that needs to be fixed.

The fact is, however, that result is a result, whether or not it is desirable to you. Massive amount of time is wasted on attempts to fix a result. Stop doing that. instead, look at what truly caused the result. THAT is your problem.

But this alone is not enough. You need to know what causes the problem. When you discover the obstacle behind the problem, you can remove it. As long as the obstacle remains, your attempts to improve your results are short-lived, if not totally wasted.

Remove the obstacle, and it doesn’t cause the problem. When there is no problem, the natural outcome of your work is your desired result.

This is the method that will allow you to move toward your wanted goals faster and easier than anything you have tried before.

Just Picture It for Yourself…


Here you are. In the morning you wake up well rested and with a clear mind.

You start your work day feeling excited, knowing exactly what to do, and knowing that you can complete that day’s work on time. By 11am you have accomplished much.

You take a good break, go out for a walk, or coffee with a friend. When your spouse calls you, you’re not irritated by the interruption. She or he can tell.

You feel so much better when your pace is relaxed and secure and you have space to think and create.

When you stop adding extra effort and working on the wrong stuff you see so much better with clarity. This fixes most of your underperformance, and yet you deliver more great work than ever before.

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